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Introductory Shamanic Journeying

Described as “the path of direct revelation,” shamanic journeying provides a means for entering into relationship with the helping spirits in order to receive guidance and healing for ourselves and others. The intention of the introductory training is to awaken your innate ability to journey. There is no pre-requisite for this training, nor is any prior experience needed. Everyone has helping spirits and anyone can learn how to journey in order to commune with them.

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Shamanic Immersions

A shamanic immersion is a dedicated practice container for exploring a specific topic, skill or theme. These gatherings of various lengths are designed for people who have already completed an introductory shamanic journeying workshop who wish to deepen their shamanic understanding and broaden their skill-set. 

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Professional Shamanic Training

If you’re called to learn how to remedy spiritual illnesses and facilitate spiritual well-being on behalf of others, I’m currently accepting applications for my three-year professional training, “The Art and Practice of Shamanic Healing: A Three-Year Professional Training and Initiation,” which begins in January, 2017.

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