“I highly recommend Julie’s trainings for anyone looking to step into their empowered and sovereign self. Julie is a consummate professional, working from a strong ethical framework. She instills in her participants self-confidence and unending trust in their own helping spirits. Julie’s trainings WILL change your life.”

Anonymous, Sebastopol, CA

“Julie’s ability to hold space, set boundaries, and articulate the process and skills needed for developing a shamanic practice are excellent.” 

M.C., Boulder, CO

“Through her access to her own spirit guides, Julie is a master at serving as an objective vehicle to gain insights into the Soul at the deepest level. She also provides information and vision about aspects of the personality that keep us hooked into patterns and behaviors that may no longer be of service. One of Julie’s greatest gifts is her ability to teach others to journey so that they are empowered to access higher wisdom on their own. Julie is a “Shawoman” – a gifted guide and visionary who truly sees the wholeness, the magic, and the possibility for transformation for each individual. Her work has served as a critical rung on my ladder of knowing my true self at a deeper level. Thank you, Julie, for sharing this amazing gift with me.”

L.I., Boulder, CO

“Learning about shamanic journeying through my work with Julie has set me on a new path of growth. Now I journey regularly for guidance and as a meditative practice. As someone used to an academic and scientific environment, I first contacted Julie with skepticism. I found her to be so warm, intelligent, and well-spoken that working with her has been both easy and inspiring.”

T.W., Denver, CO

“Julie has been a gift to my life! She has introduced me to a world of beauty and mystery that has deeply grounded and blessed my life. Julie’s connection with the invisible world is profound and authentic. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work.”

Jono Fisher, Sydney, Australia

“When you develop and hone your shamanic skills within one of Julie’s training programs, you’ll not only learn a variety of thoroughly tested, efficacious, and subtly nuanced approaches, you will receive the most important gift that will sustain and enliven any work you do; this gift is the gift of a completely clear and living heart that entrains to your own to support the rising of your True Self in the world, which in turn ripples its way throughout your practice with clients, your relationships with family and community, and to the unimaginable beauty, support, and love of the unseen world.”

Beth A., Elk Creek, VA

“I came to the introductory shamanic journeying workshop without any idea about shamanism or shamanic practices. Julie created a safe and embracing space which allowed me to fully explore all aspects of shamanic practice. Not only did I learn about shamanism, but through Julie’s example, I also learned about compassionate listening, integrity in our words, clarity in communication, and that when we turn things around and look at them there is almost always a humorous side!

Shamanism has enriched my life beyond what I could have imagined! I have connected with my inner knowing. I can discern more clearly what is true for me. I can perceive more clearly the connectedness of all things and my place in this web of life. And I walk through the day no longer alone but in companionship with my helping spirits.

I feel fortunate to have found a teacher and mentor with such integrity and clarity.”

C.C., Denver, CO

“Julie is a deeply gifted intuitive teacher. She holds space impeccably, and is utterly committed to her work as a shamanic practitioner and teacher. Her skill extends through her ability to summon attention, focus, and dignity in her students as well as in the invocation of mutual respect and support. I would encourage anyone who would like to reclaim their birthright as a sovereign spiritual being to consider working with Julie.”

Anonymous, Boulder, CO