Sounds True’s The Power of Shamanism

The Power of Shamanism was a complimentary 10-day online summit that included multiple daily broadcasts by a wide array of shamanic presenters beginning on February 26, 2018, and concluding on March 7, 2018. 

Julie’s contribution to the summit was two-fold; a video presentation called “Sacred Stewardship: Tending to Your Home in Partnership with the Unseen World,” that aired on March 4, 2018, as well as a bonus shamanic skills intensive called “Discovering Your Medicine Council.”

Now that the live version of the summit has concluded, the entire contents of the summit are available for purchase for $297, including unlimited access to 31 video presentations, transcripts of all of the video presentations, and four shamanic skills intensives, as well as numerous bonus materials generated by the presenters. Please click on the link below to purchase the summit and access this rich archive of transformative shamanic teachings and practices.

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 Sounds True’s Year of Ceremony

This visionary program brings together a worldwide circle of participants for 13 virtual full moon ceremonies per year led by a diverse group of presenters with the intention of forming a global shamanic practice community. Year of Ceremony has been offering continuous full moon ceremonies since the program began in March of 2016.

As a two-time Year of Ceremony presenter, Julie was delighted to lead a full moon ceremony called “The Chalice of Loss and Transition” in August of 2016, as well as an intensive that was broadcast on February 8, 2018, called “Discovering Your Medicine Council: How to Activate Your Unique Medicine in Partnership with the Unseen World.”

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