Partnering with Compassionate Spirits:
A Virtual Introduction to Essential Shamanism

For millennia, shamans worldwide have initiated contact with compassionate helping spirits using the technique of shamanic journeying. Described as “the path of direct revelation,” shamanism provides a means for entering into partnership with benevolent unseen beings for the purposes of receiving guidance and healing for yourself and others. The purpose of the introductory shamanic journeying workshop is to awaken your innate ability to practice shamanic journeying. There is no prerequisite for this workshop, nor is any prior experience needed. Everyone has helping spirits, and anyone can learn how to journey in order to be in direct relationship with them.

During this immersion in shamanic journeying, you will:

    • Learn how to open the subtle pathways of perception that enable you to sense, see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and feel in the nonphysical dimensions of reality where we encounter our helping spirits
    • Forge relationships with your Power Animal, Gate Keeper and Body Protector — the helping spirits who specialize in mediating your experience of the unseen world
    • Meet your Medicine Council — the helping spirits who support you in identifying, understanding, cultivating, and sharing your unique medicine in this lifetime
    • Explore your nonphysical Power Place where you can access the specialized resources that support the refinement of your spiritual power
    • Initiate contact with your helping spirits using the technique of shamanic journeying in order to receive guidance and healing for yourself and others
    • Establish a stable shamanic journeying practice that you can use as a resource in every area of your life

This workshop is designed for people who are brand new to shamanism, as well as those who feel inspired to renew their shamanic journeying practice.

Workshop Schedule

At this time, there are no workshops scheduled. Please check back in early 2021 when upcoming workshops for the new year will be added.

If You Have Any Questions

Please email Julie or reach out to her via her quaint landline at (303) 417-1189 (no texting, please!) with any questions you may have.