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Introductory Shamanic Journeying

Partnering with Compassionate Spirits:
An Introduction to Essential Shamanism

For millennia, shamans worldwide have initiated contact with compassionate spirits using the technique of shamanic journeying. Described as “the path of direct revelation,” shamanic journeying provides a means for entering into partnership with helping spirits for the purposes of receiving guidance and facilitating healing for ourselves and others. The intention of the introductory training is to awaken your innate ability to journey. There is no pre-requisite for this training, nor is any prior experience needed. Everyone has helping spirits and anyone can learn how to journey in order to commune with them!

During this immersion in shamanic journeying, you will:

    • Receive a power or totem animal
    • Learn how to retrieve a power animal for someone else, both in person and remotely
    • Journey to the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds (the non-physical realms where compassionate spirits reside)
    • Meet and develop relationships with your own spirit guides
    • Receive guidance and healing while journeying alone and in pairs
    • Discover the practical applications of this powerful tool in all areas of your life

This workshop is designed for people who are brand new to shamanism, as well as those who feel inspired to renew their connection.

Workshop Schedule:

The 2018 dates for this workshop will be posted soon!


Boulder, CO. Please note that this is a non-residential workshop, although Julie would be happy to provide those who are traveling from out of town or out of state with suggestions for accommodations. 


$275. A $50 deposit is required to hold your space in the workshop. 

If you have any questions or you would like to register:

Please contact Julie via email at or via telephone at (303) 417-1189.

“I came to the introductory shamanic journeying workshop without any idea about shamanism or shamanic practices. Julie created a safe and embracing space which allowed me to fully explore all aspects of shamanic practice. Not only did I learn about shamanism, but I also learned through Julie’s example compassionate listening, integrity in our words, clarity in communication, and that when we turn things around and look at them there is almost always a humorous side!

Shamanism has enriched my life beyond what I could have imagined! I have connected with my inner knowing. I can discern more clearly what is true for me. I can perceive more clearly the connectedness of all things and my place in this web of life. And I walk through the day no longer alone but in companionship with my helping spirits.

I feel fortunate to have found a teacher and mentor with such integrity and clarity.”

C.C., Denver, CO
“Learning about shamanic journeying through my work with Julie Kramer has set me on a new path of growth! Now I journey regularly for guidance and as a meditative practice. As someone used to an academic and scientific environment, I first contacted Julie with skepticism. I found her to be so warm, intelligent, and well-spoken, that working with her has been both easy and inspiring.”
T.W., Denver, CO