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Julie (R) with her wife Tami (L)

Julie practices and teaches Essential Shamanism; a universal approach to working in partnership with the unseen world using natural trance states. She is the creator of “The Sacred Call of the Healer,” a year-long shamanic initiation for artists, therapists, body and energy workers, leaders, and visionaries who carry the mantle of the healer, as well as “The Art and Practice of Shamanic Healing,” a three-year professional shamanic practitioner training that combines 9 five-day in-person gatherings with an at-home curriculum undertaken individually and in study pods.

Whether leading a long-term training or a stand-alone workshop, Julie teaches a heart-based approach to shamanic discovery that is predicated upon humility, integrity, dignity, maturity, and sovereignty. She believes that it is our birthright to be in direct relationship with the divine, and she is passionate about helping people of all walks of life remember their innate capacity to do so. Julie lives in Boulder, CO, with her wife, Tami Simon, and their Spoodles, Raspberry and Bula.

In today’s world, with all of the personal and planetary challenges we are facing, it is so important to find teachers who come from a depth of experience; teachers who can inspire us, and help us find the tools to “ride the waves” with grace. Julie M. Kramer is such a teacher. She is a brilliant shamanic practitioner and teacher who has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the path of shamanism. She is a clear communicator and has a wonderful, compassionate presence. She can guide all of her students into the true depths of the ancient wisdom of shamanism and teach how the practice can heal and empower us all today. I know anyone studying with Julie will experience the best that shamanism has to offer.”

Sandra Ingerman, world renown shamanic teacher, author, leader and visionary.