Partnering with compassionate spirits by way of natural trance states


The first time I tried initiating contact with compassionate spirits using natural trance states altered the course of my life. That seminal encounter confirmed what I had sensed but never experienced directly; the existence of other dimensions of reality beyond the physical world, including benevolent helping spirits who were devoted to my wellbeing.

I discovered that when we sing, dance, drum, whistle, and rattle – alone or in community – we can become sufficiently disinhibited to begin to perceive the subtle dimensions of reality that we coexist with, but routinely overlook. Furthermore, I learned that you only need to experience the invisible realms once in order for your perception of reality to be fundamentally changed.

I’ve since come to believe that multidimensional awareness is accessible to anyone at any time. Correspondingly, my work is dedicated to helping others establish that connection for themselves, and pass on this knowing to others.

The willingness to continually turn towards the invisible realms enables us to access allies, resources, knowledge, gifts and blessings that enliven and fortify us. We forge relationships with compassionate spirits who hold us with unconditional love and acceptance; share enriching guidance with us; and provide us with transformative spiritual healing.

When we avail ourselves of multidimensional wisdom by connecting with compassionate spirits on a regular basis, the immediacy of these relationships interrupts our habitual experiences of separateness, isolation, stress, and overwhelm. Instead, our perspective widens, our edges soften, and we gain a greater sense of purpose and meaning. Furthermore, our heartlights begin to shine ever more brightly.

This “ennobling” of the heart – the way in which our hearts naturally become uplifted, radiant and expansive by way of partnering with compassionate spirits – is the path of spiritual initiation and evolution that I teach.

Julie Marie Kramer

Upcoming Offerings

Partnering with Compassionate Spirits:
Activating Your Medicine Council

A Three-Day Workshop

Learn a safe, effective, and reliable practice for cultivating multidimensional awareness and contacting your helping spirits using natural trance states. 

This is both a stand-alone workshop, and also serves as the pre-requisite for Becoming a Spiritual Healer Level I: The Essentials.

Becoming a Spiritual Healer Level I:
The Essentials

A Year-Long Professional Training and Initiation

Develop the necessary skills, experience, and ethical framework for facilitating spiritual healing on behalf of others within the safety of a stable, structured container. 

This is both a stand-alone training, and also serves as the pre-requisite for Becoming a Spiritual Healer Level II: Honing Your Unique Medicine.

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